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Emma Green is a contemporary landscape painter based in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Her work explores her experience of the coastal landscape where she lives, it's wildness, remoteness and the evocative, fleeting changes in light and atmosphere.

The Suffolk coast is an ethereal one. Boundaries blur as land and water shift and intermingle daily on the tide. In the introduction to his book "The Luminous Coast", Full Circle Editions p.18, Jules Pretty describes how East Anglia is suffused by light off the water.

"When dark clouds raced over the water was slate grey and menacing. But when the sun was out, the water became a shimmering mix of silver and mercury and I was lit from below as well as above..."

The way in which light alters the landscape, dissolving the forms of land, trees and buildings is a central element in Emma Green's paintings, be it glittering morning light or the inky glow of twilight. Her recent paintings continue to focus on sky and shore but also look inland across expanses of ancient heathland to the still shadows of the forest.

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